A week ago in mid March, I sold some lupins at $420 per tonne on farm for a client. On the same day I heard second hand of some lupins selling at $360 per tonne just up the road.
Any good grain marketer worth their salt hates seeing this sort of thing. This missed opportunity is costly to businesses

It’s not difficult work, but it is vital work. Leaving money on the table in any single transaction is missed opportunity. We’ve got 1 chance to sell that grain, so make the most of it.
So why do we constantly see growers selling under the market? The reason is twofold. A lack of information and contacts, and a lack of the work required.

It might sound harsh, but many grows don’t put the work in to market their grain. They leave money on the table and that costs them directly in their hip pocket.

Therefore, once we’ve made a sound strategy for marketing the crop throughout the season as markets move and the season changes, it’s important to deploy smart tactics to ensure we’re not leaving money on the table, and getting the contracts the best suit the businesses needs. This is the brokerage component of our service.