We have one service package to offer clients, our best, because nobody wants anything but the best.

Read what is included in this package


We have one service package to offer clients, our best, because nobody wants anything but the best. Read what is included in this package


Too many businesses we see treat grain marketing as a by-product of doing what they love, farming. We really get to know your business, what it needs with regard to cashflow, upside price exposure, security and leverage, and add structure to your marketing. We see significant value in taking emotion out of marketing and bringing the number back to your farmgate and the impact it has on your business. Is selling grain at this level given the time of year adding value to your business and aligned to your overall business strategy and goals? These are the kind of questions that need to be considered when observing the grain markets and how your business fits into them.


Once we have decided together that it is time to sell grain, we go about finding the best price and fit for your business. This maybe to a domestic user through our network of feed lotters, feed manufacturers, livestock farmers, maltsters, mills and crushers. Or container markets in Fremantle, the CBH or Bunge bulk handling systems to access the many bulk exporters interested in buying your grain. There is full transparency in the transaction, and you know exactly who you are dealing with, at what price and any delivery, grade spread and payment terms information relevant. Credit insurance is available if you are unsure about the buyer and need greater security (at additional cost depending on the policy).


Arbitrage is an area many growers miss out on easy money. At its most basic level, this involves filling canola contracts so that the highest value loads are put into the highest value contracts. As oil bonifications work on a percentage of price, this maximises your canola value. This become more complex with the multitude of wheat grades and differing spreads, quality optimisation and differing rules between CBH and Bunge, and the capacity to use our network of growers to maximise the value of your contracts, benefiting both you and the other growers. Arbitrage can be complex if farmers try to do it themselves, but we make it simple for you, so you can keep harvesting while the weather is fine.

Market information

Clients receive pricing information daily via sms and live through an app available on your smart phone and website on your computer. A weekly email provides you with key points internationally and domestically affecting grain and oilseed values at the farmgate level. A regular newsletter also hits your inbox discussing key industry news and the implications to your business and the WA grain industry.


Position statements are a standard, but we also provide you with any other administrative requirements you may need. This may be variety reports for end point royalty reporting, harvest cashflow reports, recipient created tax invoices for payments etc.


In our buyer surveys conducted in January 2019, 100% of all buyer indicated that they prefer to deal through Farmgate Advisory than direct with farmers. The most common reasons given is that it’s a more efficient use of their time and contracts are more likely to meet specs.

This is important to understand, as buyers, while still valuing their relationship with growers, know that Farmgate Advisory adds value for them also, and can pass this on to growers in the form of inflated prices or better terms.

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