Throughout the ‘80s, ‘90s and early 2000’s, business literature was pointing to operational efficiency.

Operating environments should be kept clean and devoid of any sort of distractions from the main operations.

Which makes sense. If you’re trying to grow your best wheat crop, having someone running around in it isn’t constructive.

Times have changed. There are plenty of stories now about the benefits of operational transparency.

Bear with me while I highlight the story of Dominos, the pizza place.

When scrutinizing their supply chain, they released a major inefficiency was every time someone rang to check on the status of their delivery, someone was taken out of the kitchen or counter and slowing operations down.

From that they build an app and website to track the flow of pizza through the kitchen.

Customers loved it. They loved seeing when their pizza was put in the oven by ‘Jack’. Not only did they stop calling and interrupting the process, they complained less. It personalised their operations again, away from the industrial model of manufacturing pizza.

The family pizzeria that could use the fact that ‘Mario’ cooking the pizzas was their unique selling proposition, was being undermined by technology making the supply chain more transparent.

In Ag we are starting to see it more and more. Bannister Downs, Cellr, Ice Breaker, and Farmgate Advisory all work on making their operations more transparent to consumers and the rest of the supply chain.

Be proud of your work and show it to your customers.