We live in an era where information has never been so readily available. The phone you are probably reading this from has considerably more computing power than those used in the moon landings.

We can access information from all around the world, quicker than ever before. Yet are we using it to make smarter decisions?

It’s a bit like the weather. If we have the perfect season with just the right rainfall during the growing season, no frost, then heat during harvest, will we benefit if we didn’t plant a crop?

It is very easy to be overloaded with information. Information that is difficult to act on that generates results for you and your business.

You don’t see a lot of S&D data pushed out of this office; instead the focus is on delivering a service that is empowering and actionable, rather than informative.

A question to pose to those servicing your business, “is this service informing me, or empowering me?

“Is it directly showing results to my business through time, less hassle, better returns, improve risk mitigation and better planning; or is it just information clutter?”