Yesterday, I spent around 3 hours sorting out 1 load of barley. I’ve just finished the invoicing for it now and reflecting on the process.

The grower was busy. He was trying to crutch lambs and get harvesting while fixing a broken-down truck.

On the flip side, the dairy farmer was also busy. He had 1 day of feed ration left and had timed it perfectly to clean out his silo before filling up with new season.

Both parties got a great deal. One sold a load of barley at a premium price and could get it off farm without carting it himself in a truck out of action. The other had a great load of barley without needing to spend hours on the phone to find it.

I’m amazed when growers tell me they manage all their grain sales yet point to an example of stress-induced from a transaction.

Work smarter, not harder.