With the amount of activism dominating agriculture at present, it’s completely understandable for farmers to question who the food they are producing is for.

We, as an industry, need to remind ourselves that no one is here to serve everyone. The wheat you produce is only eaten by people who eat wheat. The wool you produce is only worn by people who wear wool. That’s not everyone, so don’t think you need to please everyone.

Every successful business identifies its target market and concentrates its efforts on providing something for their needs.

Tesla produce high end electric cars for the wealthy environmentally conscious people who want to stand out and show society they can afford an electric car and they care about the environment. Bunnings serves people who care about their home and who are confined by a budget. It may appear like it’s a shop for everyone, but it’s not.
We’re not here to serve everyone, but those we do are appreciative of our quality, and efficiency to keep prices down.

Farmgate Advisory is in the business of reducing anxiety, allowing for smarter time management for farmers, managing the risk of low commodity prices, and navigating complexity within the industry.
Farmers in the business of producing commodities within a broader supply chain, need to keep in mind the two games they can play to drive profit (discussed at the recent seminar, and link to a similar discussion piece here).

Don’t worry about tomorrow’s problems if it comes at the expense of finding solutions today!