The feedback from last month’s seminar has been fantastic and greatly appreciated.

Particularly so with the end-user discussion panel.

A key point of difference between business to consumer business (B2C), vs businesses selling their goods and/or services to other businesses (B2B) is the strength of relationships.

B2B relies on good, strong relationships to be sustainable.

You’ll buy a can of coke even if the service is poor, but you won’t put up with poor service buying a tractor.

The end-user panels purpose was to improve communication within our industry. Feedback is vital if we want to improve.

I promote ‘brokerage’ as a service offered by the business. The service provided is actually the opposite to the role of the broker. I’m aiming to strengthen the relationship between grower and buyer. To help each other understand the challenges each other faces and build a more constructive path forward is part of where I see this role.

The days of the traditional broker is gone. Striving to protect a market through anonymity is a race to the bottom.