We all say it, because it’s true. Yield is king.
But what really drives yield? It’s not how much fertiliser is put on. It’s not how good the boomspray driver is.
It’s driven by what’s the culture within the business.

Are we the kind of people that grow big crops? Are we the kind of people that seed and fertilize a crop when it needs doing? Are we the kind of people that help each other out when something needs fixing, so the job stays on track and everyone can knock off at a reasonable hour? They are the real KPIs of a business. Tell me the answer to those, and I’ll tell you how successful a business is.

Developing a culture within businesses that reflect the desirable qualities of farming is the biggest predictor of a successful farming business. After all, we aren’t working at jobs solely for the money. We want fulfillment and development in our work. We want to spend our time at work with motivating and enjoyable people.
These teams are the most productive and innovative. And no one wants to be in a team that’s not producing and trying to get better.
If you want to improve the outcome, you’ve got to improve the processes.