A great benefit I learnt from my time running competitively is the ability to use competition for mutual benefit.

If a group of runners are together late in a race, working together to keep the pace delivers a better outcome for all (an old personal blog post here if you’re interested).

Farmgate Advisory isn’t an IT company, so that’s outsourced to other companies, many of which are providing similar services.

I’ve seen some great collaborations between farmers, working together sharing machinery, trials and knowledge for mutual benefit.

This can be both playing the efficiency game through scale, or the revenue game with ideas, practices, advice and support; all benefits of being part of a network.

A network is greater than the sum of its parts.

Farmgate Advisory is dedicated to promoting strong networks. Whether that be through parceling up tonnes to achieve a better price for your grain, or arbitrage between growers contracts at harvest, or sharing ideas and offering support, networks are very positive.